Directories contain a variety of information about places and the people who live in them. Where available, the extracts below include the title page of the directory, a description of West Bridgford, and a list of residents. In the later directories, the residents of West Bridgford are subsumed in those of Nottingham: in this case the street-by-street list of residents of Nottingham has been included, resulting in a large file which may take quite a while to download.

The directories are pdf files, all of which are searchable except for those marked with *.

      1832 White
      1840 Parliamentary Gazette
      1848 Post Office
      1855 Post Office
      1858 Wright
      1862 Wright
      1864 White *
      1876 Post Office
      1885 White
      1891 Kelly
      1894-5 Wright
      1898-9 Wright
      1904 Kelly
      1910-1 Wright
      1913-4 Wright
      1915-6 Wright


All the directories, except those marked *, are from the historical directories collection of of the University of Leicester and are made available under the Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial).
* From google books

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