St Giles – Clerestory WIndows

The six clerestory windows in the old nave each have two lights and show the twelve apostles.

The windows were given by the aid of friends of the family of the rector of the time, Henry Marsh Marsh-Edwards.1 He also had plans for a window over the side altar showing the Transfiguration and for St Giles in the side window and west window in what was the men’s vestry. He also declared that the Sunday School children and staff had undertaken to have a window showing Christ blessing little children in the baptistry. The clerestory windows were installed in 1903.2¬†Marsh-Edwards left the parish soon afterwards but those ideas for other stained glass were eventually realised.

20. Peter and James the Great


21. John and Andrew


22. Philip and Thomas


23. Bartholomew and Matthew


24. James the Less and Simon


25. Thaddeus and Matthias


1. Church Council Minutes 2nd February 1903
2. Arthur Barratt St Giles West Bridgford 1887 & 1903

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