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North of Wilford Lane
St Giles’ Church
A Nottinghamshire Bibliography Michael Brook 2002   Publications on Nottinghamshire History Before 1998
Directories from 1832 to 1915-6
1953 Coronation preparations – video
Historical Accounts
924 in Camden’s Britannia 1607
924 in Orange History and Antiquities of Nottingham Hamilton, Adams & Co 1840
924 in Haslam The Second Burh of Nottingham Landscape History 1987
1086 Domesday Book
11thC in Victoria County History vol 1 1906
12thC in Honors and Knights Fees vol 2 William Farrer 1925
13thC in Memoirs of the County and City of York 1848
1292 Taxatio Eccelsiastica
1341 Inquisitiones Nonarum
1641 Protestation Return
1645 in C Brown A History of Newark-onTrent 1907
1751 Charles Deering Nottinghamia Vetus et Nova
1782 Moritz Travels in England
1790 Thoroton’s History of Nottinghamshire Throsby
1813 F C Laird Beauties of England and Wales
1818 The Education of the Poor
1831 A Topographical Dictionary of England
1831 Enumeration Abstracts
1835 M H Barker Walks Round Nottingham by a Wanderer
1844 J Curtis Topographical History of Nottinghamshire
1874 Notes About Notts Cornelius Brown
1893 Bygone Nottinghamshire William Stevenson
1895 West Bridgford Bazaar Illustrated Hand-Book
1914 West Bridgford: Then and Now Robert Mellors
1954 study from An Approach to Urban Sociology Peter H Mann 2003
1974 West Bridgford at the time of the ending of the WBUDC [ video ]
1999 Geoffrey Oldfield West Bridgford A Century of Change 1898-1998/99
1774 Chapman First modern surveyed map 1 inch : 1 mile
1838 Tithe map
1838 Tithe map – central part
1838 Tithe map – apportionment
Ordnance Survey Maps
Nottinghamshire Insight Mapping allowing overlays of historical maps with the present [ slow to load ]
A Small Boy’s War Lol Merreyweather
World War 2 … a Glance over the Shoulder
Rebecca Gregory English Place-Names 2012
Listed Buildings
Strategic Stone Study English Heritage 2013
War Memorial – heritage assessment
West Bridgford – an overview in time
WW1 News from the Home Front
in West Bridgford Bazaar Illustrated Handbook 1895
in Men of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Robert Mellors 1924
Hornbuckle Family
Joan Phillips, Highwaywoman
Radio Interviews
Brian Binns – My Entrepreneurial Grandfather
David Dunford – Highway Robberies in West Bridgford
St Giles
St Giles – History
St Giles – Organs & Music
St Giles – Stained Glass

Archbishop Gray’s Register 1239
Subsidy of Henry VI 1428
Churchwarden Presentments 1587-1712
William A Shaw A history of the English Church During the Civil War 1900

Archbishop Herring’s Returns 1743 The Yorkshire Archaeological Society 1900
John Bacon Liber Regis 1786
Terrier 1809
F C Laird Beauties of England and Wales 1813
Sir Stephen Glynne’s Notes 1833

1851 Religious Census
Samuel Dutton Walker West Bridgford and its Approaches from Nottingham 1863
S Dutton Walker Iconographic and Artistic Remarks upon the Remains of the Mediaeval Stained Glass in West Bridgford Church near Nottingham 1864
John T Godfrey Notes on the Churches of Nottinghamshire 1887
Arthur Barratt St Giles West Bridgford 1887 & 1903
West Bridgford Bazaar Illustrated Hand-Book 1895
W P W Phillimore The Restoration of West Bridgeford Church Notts & Derbyshire Notes and Queries September & November 1895
Architects’ Proposal (elevation) 1896
Architects’ Proposal (plan) 1896
J Charles Cox Nottinghamshire County Churches 1912
Everard Guilford Memorials of old Nottinghamsire 1912
Harry Gill West Bridgford Church 1915
A Description of the East Window 1919
Bazaar Souvenir Programme 1938
C H B Watson West Bridgford Church Transactions of the Thoroton Society 1941
R F Wilkinson Golden Jubilee Commemoration 1948
Service Leaflet for the Dedication of the British Legion War Memorial Window 1950
R F Wilkinson The Music and Organs 1951
Dedication of the Organ 1952
R F Wilkinson Notes on the Bells 1955
R F Wilkinson Diamond Jubilee Commemoration 1958
Church Guide from the 1950s
West Bridgford Bells Ringing World 1976
St Giles handbook 1976
C J Merrony & R E Sydes Archaeological Evaluation 1988
St Giles handbook 1989
Organ Appeal Leaflet 1992-1993
John Severn Notes on the history of St Giles at the 1998 centenary 1998
Service to mark 50th anniversary of VJ Day 1995
Excavation Report 1999
Jennifer Bell St Giles’ Church, the new stained glass windows 2001
Golden Jubilee of the Eight Bells 2006
David Mellor Coats of Arms in St Giles’ Church 2007
The Stained Glass Windows of St Giles’ Church 2014
Additional Bibliography
Vital Records
Births/Christenings searchable at FamilySearch
Marriages searchable at FamilySearch

Phillimore Marriages 1559-1812

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